Find out what people have to say about Triangular World:

Gary Benson, Tungsten Network, Vice President of Corporate Development

Phil Harrison, FTSE 250 Infrastructure Business, Chief Financial Officer

Ruud Van Hilton, Tungsten Network, Senior Vice President of Global Commercial Operations

Luke Milner, FTSE 250 Infrastructure Business, Finance Transformation Director

Rolf Dieter Schwalb, Royal DSM, Group CFO (Retired)

“John Hall has been working for me to kick off our shared services journey.
I know John as a true professional in shared services and also in change management. He knows how to set up shared services, how to steer it and how to measure key performance indicators.
He also knows how to find the best locations for the operations and how to make outsourcing decisions.
John has a huge network in the shared services community.”

Manoli Fafalios, Coca Cola Hellenic, Shared Services (Transition) Director

“John Hall was appointed Shared Services Director for Finance & HR by Coca Cola Hellenic in our newly established SSC in Sofia. John drew upon his extensive experience in the sector to set up the right organisation with the proper KPIs in order to deliver to our internal and external customers a non-interactive business service at a lower cost.
John established a new culture in an environment in which customer service is a priority; he had to convince a difficult audience and “fight” for a service to be taken out of a country and then delivered back to them within the agreed Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
John managed the many stakeholders from across the different countries and Head Office well; introducing new concepts for engagement and leading by example in all areas of management. He also introduced the Lean Six Sigma concept, established the Continuous Improvement Dept and delivered the first two years of the Business Case.
Today, we have built upon John’s foundations and now the SSC has 600 staff and has taken over almost all Finance and HR transactional activities.
We were fortunate to have John on board with our start up.”

Leland Forst, Amherst Group, CEO

“John Hall has advised on all areas of Shared Services Strategic Framework: Service Delivery & Location Strategy; Business Process Strategy; IT Shared Services Framework & Infrastructure Strategy; Organisation & Roles Strategy; and Governance Strategy. He counselled Staff leaders on: building and maintaining the right foundation; formulating an aligned services strategy and incorporating ‘best fit’ management practices.
He possesses expertise in all phases of the Shared Services lifecycle: setting the foundation, preparing the business case, implementing the recommendations, operating like a service business and has experience that spans shared services education, vision, mission and target-setting, portfolio definition, service delivery delineation, service segmentation, customer engagement and contracting, shared services principles and operating guideline determination, management practices adoption, customer boards and council formation and performance measurement.
He has designed and implemented innovative shared services, outsourcing and hybrid organising approaches such as functional designs, segment-based designs, multi-functional designs, process-oriented designs, customer-aligned designs, skill-based designs, distribution/technology designs, front office/back office designs and cross-functional designs.
There is little John cannot contribute to in this most important and constantly changing environment.”