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We help you drive through the changes you need, wherever these will add value to your business. And we make sure that those changes will stick.

Balancing strategic focus and operational excellence, our role is to take your organisation to the next level, working hand in hand with you all the way.

In-depth Case Studies:
Coca-Cola Hellenic
Tungsten Network

In the C-suite, we can help to define the business imperatives and criteria for choosing the right approach for using shared services arrangements. We make it our job to understand the challenges and the opportunities and then we offer our know-how to address them. From our experience working within corporations and providing services to them, asking deep and tough questions upfront makes for a smoother way forward.

Having worked in-house in line operations, we can empathize with the many challenges associated with ‘letting go’ of a business activity or process yet retaining accountability for its delivery through a third party. We work with our customers to understand their expectations and concerns and to put in place appropriate mechanisms to manage and mitigate these for sustained success.

Having also experienced life ‘on the other side’ in a shared services centre or as an outsourcing party, we know:

  • how important it is to be clear about the expectations of the internal clients
  • how to help them get the desired return on their investment without compromising quality
  • how to have the right people in the right place doing the right thing
  • and how to create future value and growth as independent third-party businesses.

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