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White papers

levelup-banner-01Light at the end of the cost-reduction tunnel 

(author: John Hall – Feb 2016)

This document examines the development of the industry/sector commonly known as Shared Services, Global Business Services, and Outsourcing, (which we will refer to as SSO) and pinpoints the discussions we need to have to see we are on the right track.  

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levelup-banner-02Measure and Improve the Strength of your Shared Services’ Foundation

(author: Triangular World/sharedserviceslink – May 2017)

sharedserviceslink and Triangular World conducted a survey with 60+ shared services professionals. We found that most organizations are investing heavily in improvements and automation, but are not always getting the basics right.
This report includes:

  • The 2 essential factors to improve the relationship between shared services and the business
  • The most popular strategies to measure performance and customer satisfaction in shared services, and what companies get wrong!
  • Top tips for shared services leaders to improve alignment and communication
  • The 3 key elements of any shared services foundation 
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