Meet the team


John Hall – Founder

John founded Triangular World in 2013 with a dual ambition: to work on interim shared services assignments to help “fix and improve” the industry from within, and to shape a better future where companies make optimal use of shared services capabilities that truly enable them to benefit from measurable and sustainable business efficiencies.

John is an acknowledged industry expert with considerable experience on a global scale. His roles have included senior positions at American Standard, Coca-Cola Hellenic, DHL, Digital Equipment and DSM.

As an authority on strategy development and operational management, he is ideally positioned to advise and provide practical support on the many aspects of organizational change associated with a move to a global business services model, or a more stand-alone shared services or outsourcing arrangement. An industry leader recently described John as a “serial implementer”.

He was the initiator and co-creator of LevelUP, a new and unique industry standard for shared services centre practices.

John is British and is currently learning French.



Laetitia Szaller – Director

Laetitia is an internationally trained commercial lawyer with excellent business acumen and problem-solving skills.

Her extensive know-how and experience stems from positions she has held in large international companies in the automotive, hotel and life sciences industries. Her work has included cross-border strategic transactions; in/outsourcing and shared services projects; acquisitions; competition law; distribution, dispute resolution and negotiations.

Laetitia thrives in multinational environments, enjoys the challenges associated with continuous improvement and has a particular interest and focus on personal leadership development.

She is Belgian with Hungarian parents and was educated in Belgium and the UK. She speaks French, English, Hungarian and some Dutch.



Simona Baritello – General Manager

Simona has a deep knowledge of shared services in finance gained from an international career spanning more than 20 years. She has worked in multiple sectors, roles and countries, holding positions in credit management, project management and training in multinationals such as Ashland, Atradius, Chellozone, DSM, Motorola, Nike and Verizon Business.

She is an enthusiastic and results-oriented contributor who adapts well to changing environments. Her passion for her work with customers ensures she is focused on delivering value and excellence.

Within the Triangular World team, Simona is responsible for day-to-day management, the development and maintenance of LevelUP surveys and the implementation of this unique shared services standard.

Simona is Italian and was educated in The Netherlands. She speaks Italian, English, Dutch and some German and Spanish.


Samuel Romp – Sales & Business Development Executive

Samuel joined Triangular World in August 2016 as the company’s first Sales Executive. A graduate of the universities of Paris and London, he began his working life in the art world as a graduate trainee at Sotheby’s. Following this, he moved into the world of legal publishing, where he worked as a member of the sales team to promote the expertise of partners in leading law firms across the United States, to their in-house counterparts in listed companies around the world. The role afforded him the chance to travel and meet clients on a regular basis, an exercise that he enjoyed and found to be vital in the development of relationships.

Samuel now hopes to draw upon his experience to date to aid the expansion and success of Triangular World.

Samuel is originally from London and speaks English and French.