LevelUP is a new industry standard developed by the industry for the industry.

It is a standard that establishes a common language and framework for assessing and measuring the impact of shared services operations from the perspectives of three stakeholder groups:

  • C-suite leaders
  • Internal clients
  • Shared services providers

The LevelUP process starts with a targeted questionnaire that is designed for each of these stakeholder groups. The responses to the questionnaires result in an overall ranking for the shared services organization from 0-7 (low to high).

The two-part questionnaire focuses on an ‘As Is’ scenario (how you assess today’s performance) and a ‘To Be’ scenario (how you want to perform in the future).

The compiled answers result in a tailored report that offers clarity on the perspectives of the three stakeholder groups. The outcomes often identify areas of potential disconnects and misconceptions which need to be addressed to ensure optimal use of a shared service capability.

LevelUP generates a high-level project plan along associated timelines and costs so that the stakeholders can then discuss, align and agree on the best way forward.

LevelUP is designed to involve everyone in an objective, rational and rigorous assessment process that provides the foundation for better business performance through shared services.

LevelUP is brought to you by Shared Services Standard Ltd., a subsidiary of Triangular World.

For more information please visit the website or read this exciting white paper.