Associate Profile – Dinyar M

Dinyar M
New York City, United States Of America

Dinyar MIntroduction

Dinyar is a Shared Services and Financial Technology consultant with a focus on Organisational Analysis and the deployment of robust EPM, BI, and SaaS solutions. Having collectively worked with over 100 Global 2000 Shared Service Organizations, his team have developed the technology and methodologies to manage organisations’ customer experience and satisfaction needs and provide the information they need to manage quality of service. Dinyar specialises in conducting Position Activity Questionnaires and defining services and their outputs as well as the granular work activities necessary to provide them. Dinyar’s particular areas of expertise include Organisational Analysis and Transformation, Enterprise Performance Management, Business Intelligence and Data Modelling.

Dinyar met Triangular World founder John Hall in 2012. Dinyar’s partner and Chief Knowledge Officer, Dr. Leland Forst, had previously worked with John on several projects, a relationship spanning two decades. Many of the techniques and methodologies that Dinyar now employs have been proven effective in the field through John’s work with his clients.

Representative Clients & Engagements:

AAFES, Citizens Bank, Cognos, CyberTrader, DSM, Genzyme, Honeywell, McCormick, Merck, Sanofi-Aventis, Sinopec, TallyGenicom and Walgreens

Education: Bachelor of Business Administration in Management Information Systems from University of Texas (Austin)

Hobbies and Interests:
Dinyar’s favorite hobby is cooking and he enjoys experimenting with a wide range of different cuisines, something which he attributes to having spent his youth living in many different parts of the world. He has a deep love for Chinese, Indian, Mexican, Korean, and French food in particular and recently got to live his dream; running a restaurant kitchen once a week in New York City for several months.

You can read an informal Q+A with Dinyar here.