Welcome to Triangular World

A world where experts come together to deliver tailor-made projects in close collaboration with customers.

Triangular World is a niche consultancy. We work across the full spectrum of shared services approaches – from straightforward outsourcing deals, through stand-alone services centres and hybrid models to fully integrated, multifunctional and end-to-end global business services.

We combine a collaborative working approach with a deep understanding of the many dimensions and approaches involved in choosing and deploying shared services. We deliver tailor-made consulting and interim assignments. Each project is specifically designed to enable customers to tap into and benefit from our collective know-how based on what is most appropriate for them.

Our ambition is to shape a future where the optimal use of shared services capabilities results in measurable, meaningful and sustainable business efficiencies for the industry.

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Our Customers

Our customers drive everything we do.
The better we know them, the more we can tailor our specific know-how to meet their needs.

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Our Services

From strategic to operational and wide-ranging to focused, depending on the need. And always delivered collaboratively with a focus on measurable outcomes.

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Our People

Experts in their field. Delighting in their work.
Dedicated to their customers' success.

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